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Meeting the competitive challenges of today’s technology environment.
At Global American Title, we see the difference quality makes. In today’s technology driven world, it’s not only necessary to use the best software, it’s expected.

ResWare™, a real estate transaction management system, gives us the advantage of providing quality management solutions, optimized performance and increased workflow through each title and closing transaction.

Supporting Your Title Needs

The most secure technology platform within the title industry, ResWare™ offers the assurance that your title documents and clients personal information is secure within our system.

  • Online document management
  • Customized Reporting
  • 24/7 access and convenience
  • Online title processing
  • Check title status

Management Solutions

ResWare™‘s centralized management system keeps all important information in one secured place. With the ability to access mortgage information, documents and reports, request title information, and submit orders online 24/7, our clients and the title professionals at Global American Title can coordinate transactions with quality assurance.

Optimized Performance

Immediate access to secured title and closing documents saves time and eliminates document storage issues. A paperless environment within our office increases efficiency throughout the closing process.

Increased Workflow

ResWare™ provides a consistent and standardized workflow method that reduces missing information, lost productivity, and costly errors. We get more done for our clients.

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